2013 Pay Ballot

We are now voting on the current pay offer make sure that you have registered to vote

Email OT-UNITE@exmail.nottingham.ac.uk to register if you have not already done so.

At local negotiations we received the offer of  1% plus a non consolidated payment to make up to £500

The National negotiations aren’t settled and all unions are unhappy at the low pay offer for employees.

We had a march for fair pay with little support from members and the university know that members are keeping their heads down and are very grateful to have a job –whatever the pay deal

MPs are getting a much higher % of a much higher wage

Local pay negotiations are in progress.

A final offer has been made.

There will be a members’ ballot so make sure we have your current e mail address and contact details by completing this unite members ballot registration form and emailing it to OT-UNITE@nottingham.ac.uk

More details to follow…

Elite university bosses in pay outrage storm

Vice chancellors at the elite Russell Group of universities have been accused of ‘rank hypocrisy’ for pocketing big pay rises, while trying to enforce a one per cent pay rise on staff.

Unite, the country’s largest trade union, was commenting as a Times Higher Education (THE) survey of 19 of the group’s 24 members revealed that the average vice chancellor salary in the group increased by just over £22,000 to nearly £293,000 in 2012-13.

Chair of the Unite national education committee Haydn Morris said: “This smacks of rank hypocrisy, given that university staff have endured a six-year pay drought which has seen a 13 per cent cut in pay in real terms since 2008.

“On the day that the cost of living crisis has again been highlighted by the leap in rail fares, the university bosses are lining their own substantial pockets, while those staff that keep Britain in the top ten world university league table struggle to make ends meet.

“The ‘them and us’ situation is made worse as the cumulative operating surplus in the higher education sector is now over £1 billion.  Cash rich universities could well afford to be more generous than the one per cent offer currently on the table.”

The university trade unions took two days of strike action last year in pursuit of a better pay deal and it is likely that more industrial action will be on the cards in 2014.

According to the THE, once pension payments are taken into consideration, the Russell Group vice chancellors received an average of £318,500 last year – up from £302,500 in 2011-12 which means an average salary rise of 8.1 per cent and a 5.2 per cent rise in overall benefits.

Unite’s university membership embraces science technicians, administrators and facilities management staff. The union has about 20,000 members in higher education.


 Result of local pay ballot

i)     UNITE NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY BRANCH LOCAL PAY NEGOTIATIONS OUTCOME The ballot closed 20 December 2013 29% of our members voted. 57.5% voted to accept the pay offer. 42.5% voted to reject the pay offer Unite members voted to accept the pay offer. Comments:

’Begrudgingly, I vote for the pay offer’.

‘I think we’ve done all we can to get this far. The removal of the bottom 2 points on the pay spine is a massive leap for the lower paid’.

‘I don’t see us getting any support from the majority of members’.

‘UCU That’s disappointing, but still it’s better than nothing for your members!


5 thoughts on “2013 Pay Ballot

  1. Pay Vote: Noticed this year that true negotiations were not taking place. It was done by submissions from the Unions then the employer stating the reasons for their final offer. The employer explanation has been carefully worked out with some sympathy for the low paid. Trouble is that the
    Pay tables have been worked out on people’s merits and abilities. To the cut the lower table to seem to be within a fair pay band loses ground generally to those effected by the economic down turn in pay. So all bands need lifting. Pensions are not enhanced for all as seems submitted.
    With some groups able to get a pay boost by other means, there are many more who are falling into low pay bands in real terms.
    The pay award is worse than last year so the continual grind is affecting morale. Especially as we now know MP pay is an award to extreme. So MP’s , Bankers & VC’s are soft cushioned whilst the poorer in society bear the burden.

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