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HR answers to questions


In terms of the outside company, Mary has confirmed that a contract hasn’t yet been awarded but when it is, the remit will be to design and run a two day workshop with the IS leadership team (approx. 36 people in management roles). The workshop will encourage people to reflect on the planned changes within IS. The aim is to help people feel energised and excited by the changes and overcome any fears and anxiety they may have.

It is hoped that around 10 of the attendees will feel enthusiastic about the approach and will want to attend a further series of workshops (8 days in total).  This group will then become an in house team who will run further workshops for the rest of the IS team.  The aim is to become self-sufficient and for a new style of leadership to gradually become embedded within IS.  As part of the arrangement there will be access to an online learning platform which will support the workshops.

They expect the company to work with IS on this through June / July but to have only a background supporting role after that.


In terms of the new roles being recruited to, you have asked about Business Analysts and Project Managers.

In phase 1, IS are looking to recruit 5 Senior Business Analysts at level 5 and one Business Analyst at level 4. These will be advertised shortly.

In phase 2, IS are looking to recruit 2 Programme Managers at level 5 and 3 Senior Project Managers at level 5.

Hays Recruitment consultancy is assisting with the recruitment of posts – see

http://www.hays.co.uk/jobs/nottingham/index.htm and our usual jobs web page.

Posts will be on permanent University terms and conditions (unless there is a need for a fixed term post).


Information Services

The network team in IS are relocating from University Park to King’s Meadow Campus on 6/7 January 2014.

Andy Stone Had a meeting with manager and HR concerning the IS reorganisation.  It’s in 3 phases over 3 years.  1st phase is being implemented. The new system will be started in phase 2 in August 2014.   To quote from the Proposal for reorganising the global IT organisaton

Phase three – August 2015 to July 2017 – Smarter Computing

During this phase, the final stage of reorganisation will be accomplished, any new support model for computing should be implemented which may include a reduction in headcount, hopefully already mitigated by movement of staff into new roles, natural wastage and not replacing vacated posts as appropriate. The changes may need to be staggered across two financial years depending on the approach agreed. This phase is likely to see a significant re-profiling of IT support staff and is likely to involve proposed redundancies since the workload of supporting a given faculty will decrease at the rate at which it adopts the Smarter Computing service.

The focus during this period is likely to be on reducing the cost of operational service delivery. Whereas currently the teams based in faculties are relatively highly graded (L2 to L5) because they have to deal with a vast diversity of demand on an ad hoc basis, in the future individuals in campus based roles will be supporting clearly defined services whose delivery is substantially automated. The skills and aptitudes demanded of these technical teams will therefore most likely change and their relative grading will probably decrease – typically towards L2/L3.

Engineering Faculty

Technical Review to commence. Send your views to Unite


If you are not a member of Unite Join on Line Today!!! http://www.unitetheunion.org/growing-our-union/joinunite/


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