Cross site working

a)   Cross site working – formal notification issued by Human Resources animal house’s at the Medical School & SB, now called the “Bio-Support Unit” or BSU, different letters were sent to staff depending on whether they had highlighted concerns. HR state:

  •          Allowances made for justifiable family commitments
  •          Expectation that cross site working could be expected of everyone
  •          The importance of maintaining an appropriate staff – activity balance at each site
  •          University of Nottingham expectation of efficient use of staff and the financial benefits that this can bring
  •          Recognition that reasonable notice of 1 week to be given for cross site working where possible. However allowance has to be made for the nature of the Unit.
  •          That current informal arrangements are to continue at present
  •          That formal notification would now be issued by Human Resources
  •          That travel expenses for any excess journey to work mileage involved in cross site working will be paid at the rate of 25p per mile.

HR have confirmed that normal business mileage would be paid for travel between sites during the day

‘The 25p per mile is only for excess mileage concerned with an individual’s journey to and from work.  You will be aware that employees can’t usually claim the mileage for their journey to work but because we are asking them to change base they can claim the additional mileage.  For example if they usually work at SB they can claim any additional mileage above their normal journey to work as excess mileage if they have been asked to work at QMC instead’.

If staff are required to travel between sites during the day they can claim the usual business mileage at 45p per mile.

HR contact is Liz Clements


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