Merger of University Safety Committee with Statutory Safety Committee

Proposal for Merging Safety Committee with Statutory Safety Committee.

You will recall that this proposal was discussed at the January meeting of Statutory Safety Committee following previous consultation.

By way of re-iteration we are seeking to develop partnership working and collaboration in this key area through better integrating the consultation role of Statutory Safety Committee with the management advisory function of Safety Committee whilst also improving efficiency. Consequently it is proposed to combine the Statutory Safety (Consultative) Committee (SCC) with the University Management Committee. As well as streamlining the administration of Safety matters, it would also allow union colleagues an opportunity to take part in the management decision making process rather than simply being confined to that of consultation.

The discussion at Statutory Safety Committee noted that the proposal was greeted very positively by all the union colleagues consulted. Whilst UNITE and UCU are content with the proposals as they stand, UNISON stated that it was unable to agree to the new constitution on the grounds that:

  1.        There should be more union representatives and
  2.        UNISON should have an equal numerical representation to UNITE of members on the committee.


Other than the issue of the number of representatives, no other concerns regarding the operation of the current safety committees have been raised as part of the consultation. It was agreed that the University would consider the matters raised and provide a final response.


In respect of the first point the University considers that the integrated committee should be based on including the existing level of employee representation at SSC into University Safety Committee. This aims to combine recognition of the important contribution arising from a cross section of staff working in different areas whilst keeping the committee as compact as possible and compatible with adequate representation. It is reiterated that membership of the committee goes beyond the statutory requirements by including other key stakeholders, i.e. there are two representatives of the Students’ Union and two from the International Campuses (for whom we have no statutory although ethical responsibilities).

However, in respect of the second point it is proposed that UNISON and UNITE be invited to nominate three representatives each, noting the ambiguity of the previously unfilled eighth union representative at SSC. The amended proposed constitution is appended below.

It is proposed to proceed to implementing this revised constitution for the next round of committee meetings (Thursday 5th June) as it is considered that the constitution proposed strikes a reasonable balance between the University’s legal obligations to manage, consultation, transparency, spread of expertise and coverage and compactness. However, it would be appropriate to review the effectiveness of this arrangement after a year to ensure that it was operating effectively in the interest of all parties.

In the meanwhile it would be helpful if you could indicate:

  1. Who would be your Safety Committee members
  2. Whether you will be representing your members only or whether you are content to represent the staff group (e.g. UCU represents all R&T job family or just active UCU members).



Chair appointed by the Vice-Chancellor: Registrar

A Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Deputy Chair):

Chief Estates and Facilities Officer:

Director of Human Resources (or nominee):

Representative from Libraries and Research & Learning Resources:

School Safety Officer from each Faculty (2 from Science):

Eight Health and Safety Representatives as follows reflecting the spread of workplace hazards

UCU: 2 representatives

UNITE: 3 representatives

UNISON: 3 representatives

UNNC – Chair of the Health and Safety Committee or Campus Safety Officer

UNMC – Chair of the Health and Safety Committee or Campus Safety Officer:

Students’ Union – 2 Representatives (Either two Executive Officers or one Executive Officer and the Students’ Union Director of Central Services)

Secretary: University Safety & Radiation Protection Officer


Best Regards,





Dr J A Sutherland

Safety and Radiation Protection Officer, University of Nottingham, Safety Office, University Park, Nottingham,



Tel. 0115 951 3401

Fax 0115 951 3399


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