Car parking

 The annual meeting of the University of Nottingham car parking group meeting took place 29 April. Unites’s Declan Brady attended on behalf of all unions. The group will recommend that charges increase by 5%.  In future years it is anticipated the charge will increase in line with inflation. The scheme should be self-sustaining. Declan raised issues

  1.     Motorbikes, lack of secure parking. Assurance was given that bolts in the ground will be provided
  2.     Disabled persons spaces.  A new scheme will be introduced through OH and HR. A new disabled space can be put in when needed, at short notice if OH and HR have been made aware of the need.  A new scheme of temporary blue badges has been organised.  The badge will last for 8 weeks and will cover temporary incapacity.

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One thought on “Car parking

  1. Hi Marion, the main points from the meeting not in the documents circulated before the meeting are.
    5% increase in charge this year recommended to Management Board. The scheme needs to be self-sustaining. As the increases in the WPL should be in line with inflation after the tram is built increases should fall.

    Event Support – the University will probably charge £30000 again this year

    Casual Workers – charge reduced to £2.50 per day, the same as the new charge for Agency workers

    Temporary Blue Badge – upon referral from Occupational health and HR sometimes people need a temporary blue badge either while there injury recovers or they apply for an official one. In the past cones were put out but this causes problems so the University want to issue temporary blue badges where necessary. Chris Jagger assured the committee that if necessary a new disabled bay can be made in a weekend if a particular building has a need.

    Reserved Parking areas – A questionnaire by a group campaigning for women in science was passed onto Chris Jagger. One of the points that came out was that often women have to get their children to school before coming to work and it can be a problem finding a place to park after 9.00am. It was recommended the 10 parking places in the visitors car park on UP and 3 parking places on each of the other campuses be set aside and only become available after 9.15. The places are open to all permit holders. They would then see how this worked over the year.

    Electric Vehicles – -will be charged at the lowest emission.

    Motorcycles – As these are high value items and compared to cars easier to steal more secure parking facilities are needed. It was agreed that something needed to be done but they wanted to go away and look properly at all the options before they make a recommendation.

    Sorry I did not say all of this at the branch but things got held up on the IS review and we were running out of time.

    Declan Brady

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