Legal Video Podcasts

Following consultation with Garry Guy, Unite Regional Officer,

Unite Nottingham University Branch committee would like to make it clear that we recommend that members register and watch the Legal Video Podcasts which have been emailed to your university account

Subjects are bribery, corporate manslaughter, equality staff, equality students and data protection

The employer has legal liabilities to keep employees informed

Every employee has a duty to comply and co-operate.

If the employee does not co-operate they will potentially be disciplined because they are obliged to obey a reasonable request.

Having watched the podcasts:

The employees have a duty to comply with management policy

The management have a duty to make them comply

eg on issue of PPE the management must  make the wearing of PPE policy clear, when and where it should be worn and that it is mandatory, failure to comply being a disciplinary offence

it is not for the co-workers to report colleagues, it is up to the manager to make sure that all employees understand the reason for, and comply with, the policy.





Marion Bryce

Branch Secretary

Unite Nottingham University Branch

Unite Office Portland E131

University of Nottingham

University Park




0115 7484521
















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