2014 pay offer – pay ballot result

In favour of acceptance 85%
In favour of rejection 15%
% of members who voted 25%
Thank you very much for participating in the pay ballot.
I will write to the university to accept the offered pay increase on behalf of our members.

Formal pay offer from The University of Nottingham to UNISON and Unite in support of the 2014 local pay negations.

As we will all be aware this year the national pay agreement has been concluded prior to the intended date of implementation and therefore to avoid a situation where staff feel aggrieved due to the lateness of any payment the University is very keen to initiate our local proceedings this year in good time.

In line with your request last year, we would like to accelerate the process by being upfront with our formal offer for 2014 and as with previous years the University’s pay offer for 2014 will be no worse than the national agreement and as such we can confirm that the University’s formal and final offer for 2014 is documented below:

&#8226 2% on all spines within the national pay scale or local extended points with effect from 1 August 2014.

Due to the fact that the outcome of the 2013 local pay agreement concluded that the University would remove the use of point 1 on the national scale, we are not impacted by the additional enhancement of £60 to point 1 of the national scale, as this is no longer at use within the University of Nottingham.

&#8226 I would like to highlight that this offer is at the limits of which the University can afford for 2014 and as such we can confirm that there is no scope to enhance the national agreement at a local level, as we have been able to do in the previous two years.
As the University has no scope to increase this offer we would ask that this is put to your members as soon as possible, so that this may enable your members and University staff to receive payment in a timely manner, if accepted, in line with the national pay process.

I look forward to hearing from you and ask that you progress this offer with your members as soon as possible. If you are able to let me know the time scales for these process that would also be very beneficial in helping to manage the expectations and questions of staff and managers relating to intended implementation of the 2014 pay offer this year.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards

John Dicken
Head of HR Policy, Projects and Shared Services
The University of Nottingham
HR Department


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