Labour Party Affiliation.

Dear Colleague

Labour Party Affiliation.

In 2014, a Special Labour Party Conference was held to agree changes to the way that affiliates (mostly unions) affiliate to the Labour Party. A new process for affiliating to the Party was agreed so that in the future, the level of affiliation will be based only on the number of members who have agreed to their subs being used for this purpose.

Unite now needs to ask members to support the union’s affiliation to Labour. Members don’t need to make any additional contribution to be included in the affiliation and as in the past, you not be affiliated by name, but just included in the total collective affiliation.
In 2019, 5 years after the changes came into effect, the highest level that Unite can affiliate will be the number of members who have agreed to the affiliation.
As part of the same process, a new status of membership of the Labour Party was established. This is called ‘affiliated supporter’ and is open to members of affiliated organisations who pay the political levy.
Being an affiliated supporter does not mean that members must agree with every single policy of the Labour Party, but just agree with the aims and values of the Party and not be a member of any organisation opposed to it (e.g. another political party). Affiliated supporter is effectively a level below full party membership; members get a vote in future Labour Party leadership elections and Mayoral selections in London, and have the right to attend local Party meetings. Again, being an affiliated supporter is completely free.
The union wants to make a success of the changes. It is an opportunity for members to take a role in the Party and in line with Unite’s political strategy, that can only be a good thing.

This as many of you are aware is how the affiliation fee to the Labour Party will be determined in future.  So please affiliate yourself even if you are a member.

It also allows non-Labour Party members the right to attend Labour Party meetings and vote in Leadership Elections.

Here is the link to the web page.  This can be shared with members so that they are able to affiliate on line.  Please ensure you scroll to the bottom of this page as it is not immediately visible.


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