Carry over of statutory leave accrued during sickness absence

The University Executive Board have  agreed to amend the University’s annual leave policy with respect to the carryover of statutory leave into the next leave year when people have been unable to take their leave because of sickness absence.

the policy will be changed as follows:

During any period of sickness absence where a member of staff is receiving University Sick Pay (either on full or half pay) then annual leave will accrue, based on the contractual entitlement. If a member of staff is on unpaid sick leave then annual leave will accrue, based on the statutory entitlement of 20 days.

Employees who are unable to take their statutory annual leave (20 days) due to long term sickness may request to carry forward this amount into the next leave year (less any leave already taken).  The restrictions on taking it before the end of December will not apply, however it must be taken within the following leave year.  Any such requests must be approved by the line manager bearing in mind the extent to which the individual has had the opportunity to take this leave before the end of the leave year.

This will be implemented with immediate effect.  Where there are individual cases that have already been raised with HR, discretion will be applied about retrospective application (to the leave year 2013/14 to 2014/15 only).

In terms of implementation it is normal practice for statutory leave entitlement to be used first in any leave year.  There is no legal obligation for contractual leave to be carried over.

In addition we have been assured by HR that ALL university staff who have accrued statutory leave during sickness absenc can carry over 5 days into the following leave year to be taken any time during that year.

Days lost during a phased return to work can be paid as sickness absence so that holiday is not lost.

This has now resolved Unite’s grievance.



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