How to be a Unite Workplace Representative

How to be a Unite Workplace Representative


Joining a union is a good thing as it gives a combined body to negotiate for better terms and conditions and negotiate pay deals. If you become a union rep you may be involved in these negotiations.

As a workplace rep you must be nominated by two members and fill in the reps form, display it at your workplace for at least one week, then it should be sent to Unite the Union at the Pride Park address.

If you become an approved rep, you will receive a reps card.  Your senior rep will inform HR and within 3 months of becoming a rep you should undertake workplace reps training. This is usually in 2 parts both of which are for 1 week.

Unite training available for members and representatives

Free online and f2f training for reps is available via

Email: for details of Community courses.

You may be interested in becoming a health and safety representative, equality, environmental or learning representative and for this you are eligible for dedicated training.

If you are elected as a safety representative, inform the University of Nottingham Safety Office and you will be invited to the annual safety officers update.

If you are involved in pay evaluation, pay bargaining or mental health support training courses are available.

The Unite Office Portland Building E131 is open Wednesday lunchtimes 1.00-2.00pm (unless there is a branch meeting) and members are invited to come and meet us and raise any workplace concerns they may have, as a rep you will be asked to man the office as per date on annual rota – usually 4 times a year.Check the answer phone and respond to callers.

The Unite Safety Convenor and 2 other Unite Safety Representatives  nominated by branch attend the University Safety Committee which meets 4 times a year, to raise members concerns.

Unite aim to have Safety Representatives in every department and training is available from the union ask us for further information.

2 Unite representatives meet with HR regularly at the Joint Union Working Group to review guidelines and discuss any issues that arise.  If you are interested in becoming a Unite Representative ask for further information.

3 Unite representatives attend the Support Staff Consultative Committee as observers but do not participate as issues are discussed at the Joint Union Working Group which is attended by the campus unions with negotiating rights.

1 Unite representative attends the ad hoc redundancy meetings with HR to review up-coming redundancies.

The Staff Equality and Diversity Advisory Group is a forum to discuss equality issues with HR this is an important meeting for 2 equality reps to attend.

At an individual level Nottingham University Branch of Unite representatives can provide information and support at sickness absence and disciplinary meetings.

The local branch also provides advice for regrading applications and 2 Unite Representatives attend the regrading panel. Hay panel training is available please ask for further information.

A workplace representative has the opportunity to sit on local activist, political and TUC committees.

3 reps from the Nottingham University Branch are chosen to sit on the Regional Committee which meets 4 times a year.

Monthly committee meetings are held in the Unite Office. As a rep you will receive an invitation.  If you have e mail we will add you to the local UNITE reps distribution list so you can keep up to date with issues.

Branch meetings are held (usually in University Park Coates Building) on the last Wednesday of every month and it is expected that reps will attend when possible.

The Nottingham University Branch of UNITE meets on the last Wednesday of the month and you are welcome to come along.  See our local website for more information about meetings

UNITE need 40% membership of a staff group to be granted full recognition by the University to negotiate for a particular staff group.  In order to prove that and for e-mail balloting we need members to fill in a local contacts form which we send when they contact us with a membership number. We currently have a high representation in the technical services group and have recognition for this job family. Members from other job families can be represented at an individual level and their concerns can be raised as a general issue at Joint Union Working Group.

A workplace representative has the opportunity to work at an individual, group, employer, regional or national level.



For more information write to




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