Focus group about behavioural based competency framework

Focus group about behavioural based competency framework: 28 June, 1.30 – 4.30, A1 Humanities Building on University Park.

If you are interested in attending this event (more details below), please email: by Friday 10th June at 5pm.  

The University is planning to introduce a new behavioural based competency framework.

In a recent meeting with representatives from all of the unions, we pointed out to Carol Steed, the University’s Leadership and Management Director,  that not everyone had the opportunity to be involved in the early consultation stage.

As a result she has arranged another focus group for members of staff from any job family and any job level, particularly if  they happen to have been through, or be experiencing more challenging issues within the University. The main focus of this group is for staff who may be able to offer a differing ‘staff’ perspective than those they have engaged with already.

 Here is the message from Carol Steed about this event:

“You may be aware that we are currently in the process of designing a new behavioural based competency framework for the University. This will be one framework that will cover all job families and all levels, so we are keen to make sure that the focus, emphasis and language is applicable to all. We are already part way through the process, and in conversation with our Union rep colleagues it has become clear that not everyone may have had the opportunity to be involved in the early consultation stage. We would therefore like to invite you to be involved in an additional focus group session where you can share your views and perspectives.

The aim of this session is to review with you your perspectives on how a competency based behavioural framework can and should be used in our University environment, and also to provide feedback on the version of the framework that is currently being piloted. We will want to explore the layout and content, how it can work in practice, and if we are to embed this within the University moving forward, what some of the key actions are that we need to take to ensure success. This is a significant development for the University, which will take time to embed and we wish to start the journey considering and including as many perspectives as possible.”

Sally Hanford

Branch Secretary


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